Rosehip Oil: Benefits of This Amazing Ingredient

Rosehip Oil, The benefits of this amazing ingredient in our products

Beauty junkies rejoice! There's a new celebrated oil in town and it has far greater benefits than argan or coconut oil. Rosehip oil is what we're talking about today and its benefits are beyond amazing. Known to deeply moisturize, boost collagen, reduce the appearance of scars, and brighten skin, celebrities and bloggers everywhere are right to rave about this famed oil. Rosehip oil comes from many places, but our source (rosa mosqueta) comes from Chile. Not like rose oil, which derives from rose petals, rosehip oil is extracted from the fruits of the rose plant. With its high fatty acid makeup, high Vitamin A and Vitamin C content, and uniquely beautiful bright red-orange hue, one can easily see why this oil has made its way into our skincare formulations.

rosehip oil


Want soft and supple skin? Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants like Vitamins A and C, which helps synthesize collagen production and aids in strengthening cell structure. This helps your skin retain moisture and promoting plumpness and smoothness which conceals fine lines and wrinkles.


Rosehip oil contains a high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene (yes, the same property in carrots), and lycopene (found in red colored fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, beets, pomegranates, and of course rosehips).  These vitamins and antioxidants give this oil its brightly hued red-orange color. These properties in the oil help brighten and even out skin tone, renew and rejuvenate, and brings luminescence to lackluster skin. 


The properties of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and lycopene in this oil also makes it a great choice for premature and damaged skin. Visible discoloration, large pores, and damage from acne, sun, and environmental factors can also be reduced with rosehip oil's regenerating properties. Vitamin C in rosehip is a natural astringent that helps reduce pore size and as a topical ascorbic acid, helps in preventing UV damage. Vitamin A in rosehip speeds up healing, so if you're easily predisposed to get those pesky dark acne scars, worry not, it will quickly fade away with the help of this property. Lycopene has the ability to smooth and defend against skin aging, making fine lines one less thing to stress about. 

Flynn & King rosehip oil products: Revive Cleanser, Lunar 13 Restorative Serum, Groom Beard and Hair Treatment

Ready to dive into the world of rosehip oil? Try it out today! Our products Revive Oil-Based Cleanser with Argan & Rosehip Oil, Lunar 13 Restorative Elixir with an Antioxidizing Blend of 13 Botanical Oils, and Groom Beard and Hair Treatment with Argan & Rosehip Oils will be great to get your feet wet in this wonderful ingredient that is rosehip oil. Chosen for is brightening, restorative, anti-aging, and plumping qualities, rosehip oil is a key factor in our star products. 


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