Center Against Domestic Violence

In part of our Do Good. Look Great. mantra, we've teamed up with a local Brooklyn organization that helps support, shelter, and educate women and children through counseling, safe houses, and after school programs. When we went to visit this group, we were greeted with gleaming smiles and extra-warm hugs from the lovely ladies of Center Against Domestic Violence NY. These small moments we encountered reminds us that the human touch is something to be cherished and welcomed, unlike the history of negative experiences the organization's victims go through. The center has been around since 1977, leading the fight against domestic violence by offering safety, education, prevention, and hope to survivors of domestic abuse. CADV provides victims and residents with individualized tools to break the pattern of domestic violence and start their life anew. 

At Flynn&King, we've begun our community outreach with providing the shelter residents of CADV with balms and soaps made with luxury remnants from our standard products. From our standard soap bars, we utilize the leftover pieces and shavings of soap, remelt and reshape the scraps into new and unused bars of soap. Not only do our customers benefit from F&K All Natural Soaps, so do the women and children from CADV. We hope to build our relationship with this organization and have plans to grow with their educational and vocational programs to get the women and children back on their feet and begin confident, violence-free lives.  

Please visit Center Against Domestic Violence to find more information, read their heart-wrenching survival stories, and what you can do to help. By purchasing Flynn&King products, you are supporting a life long relationship with CADV knowing that the soap you just acquired is also providing NY's women and children of domestic abuse with one less worry.