Do Good Collaborations

From the beginning, Flynn&King had a vision of making a difference in the world. Utilizing natural and organic ingredients in their products was just the first step in making this reverie a reality. By knowing that their products are formulated with nothing less than natural, they are able to focus on more important philanthropic issues at hand. Flynn&King developed Do Good Collaborations, a perpetual journey of goodwill through a variety of projects, as an outlet for seeing their mantra "Do Good. Look Great." come to fruition. 

Follow Flynn&King along on their quest as they inspire themselves and others to roll up their sleeves and get their hands ... clean.


- CENTER AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Utilizing shavings and scraps from making our standard and travel bars of soaps, we are able to remelt and reshape the bits into new unused bars of soap for victims of domestic violence.


- I'M FROM DRIFTWOOD - Flynn&King presents DRIFTWOOD - Babassu Oil and Pink Clay Soap. $1 of every Driftwood soap purchased will be donated, indefinitely, to I'm From Driftwood, a non-profit devoted to spread unity and acceptance for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer community through storytelling and story sharing.


COALITION FOR THE HOMELESS - Here at Flynn&King, we quickly learned from the Coalition that the small things in life we take for granted is a constant struggle for some of our fellow man. We have collaborated with the Coalition for the Homeless as one of our Do Good Collaborations as we donate our rebatched soaps and toiletries to the Coalition to provide the men, women, and children with natural hygiene products as one less worry in their tireless fight for long-term stability.