I'm From Driftwood

Our collaboration with I'm From Driftwood couldn't have come at a better time as our nation celebrates the Supreme Court's historical ruling on same-sex marriage.

I'm From Driftwood is a non-profit organization founded by Nathan Manske that collects true LGBTQ stories from all over the world. These stories range in theme from vulnerability to strength, exclusion to acceptance, and together provide a judgement-free forum to understand one another, preserve history, and open our hearts and minds to the community. Growing up in Driftwood, a tiny town on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, Nathan felt he had no one to share and compare his feelings with regarding his sexuality. Later, as an adult, Nathan was inspired by a photograph of Harvey Milk holding a sign that read, "I'm from Woodmere, NY." Nathan understood Milk's message: that there are LGBTQ people from all parts of the world, not just the big cities. Dedicated to uniting LGBTQ people from all over the world, Nathan created imfromdriftwood.com to inspire and connect others like him, help people learn about the LGBTQ community through storytelling and story sharing, and provide a simple, yet powerful message: You are not alone. 

Flynn&King wholeheartedly stands behind this message and strives to see a world where equality goes beyond gender, race, sex, and creed. Working with I'm From Driftwood, we hope to see a change in the approach to human rights where the end goal isn't just tolerance, but a collective celebration of our differences. As a special collaboration with this non-profit, Flynn&King has created a unique soap called Driftwood inspired by a blend of scents typical of this part of Texas — and no, it's not barbeque. In the summertime, the aroma of cedarwood can be smelled for miles in any direction. Ruby Red grapefruits are also local to the area, and their sweet citrusy scent is familiar to all Texans. Flynn&King has combined these two aromas into one elegant soap. We are happy to announce that Flynn&King will donate $5 for every Driftwood soap purchased in the month of July 2015 in celebration of I'm From Driftwood's 6th Annual BBQ Fundraiser. And starting in August, we'll donate $1 for every Driftwood soap sold, forever. We are hopeful that this ongoing donation will help fund their project to spread the stories of love, acceptance, differences, and strengths to those who might not yet realize they have a community all around them ready to lend support.